Units Available at Milkwood Lifestyle Village

Upmarket Apartments & Homes

Milkwood is a sectional title complex where homes are owned. Apartments and simplexes have a price tag to suit your pocket: Starting from only R 480,000.00 to R 1.4 million.

➔ Bachelor units
➔ 1-bedroom units
➔ 2-bedroom units


➔ 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom homes
➔ 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom homes

All homes are within the secured estate with an on-site restaurant, convenience shop, medical and security panic button, transport, frail care, a doctor’s consultation room and wound care facilities.

Your purchase at Milkwood Lifestyle Village extends past the ownership of your home that you will occupy. There is security with added panic buttons, basic health care, essential nutrition (meals), convenience stores, reliable and safe transportation to and from shops and other amenities, and a thriving social life with other retirees. There is also medical assistance in the form of wound care, and access to further care is available if and when required.

At Milkwood Lifestyle Village, you are acquiring a dignified lifestyle.

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